Monday, 2 February 2015

Junior School Liaison
Leadership Role
1.going down and reading to them
2.having a sports afternoon
3.joining them for prayers
4.quiz( winners get prizes)
fun activities activities
2.smiles/ no fights
                            3. good comments
4.take our roles seriously
5.helping(helping to cleaning up ect)
6.role models
9.hats on heads
10.socks and shoes on

1.talking as a group
2.head down working
4.all being included
5.thinking together
6.using our brain to come up with some ideas
7.sounds like pens on paper
9.being a good winner and loser
12.the 4 rs

 13.reaching for the stars


  1. this our thinking of what a good role model does and thinks to make the school a better place and so little kids can be like him the date we did this on was february the third

  2. Hey Jordan, what great ideas you've got here. Just check and reread your writing to make sure you've got all the words in there so its easy to understand for the reader. I like your ideas for the Junior School Liaison role.

  3. Excellent. Your group worked brilliantly on this. Please remember that you are writing for all the world to see - don't overlook the importance of commas, full stops and making sure sentences make sense.